Making A Manga: It’s Gonna Be Awesome!

So, I know I really need to stop procrastinating and start posting those two “note-worthy” events in my life and that one review for Hetalia, but I really wanted to get this post out there just cause it’s also a note worthy event in itself:

I’m making a manga.

Hell yeah people, I’m going to make a manga with a bunch of my high school buds. Currently, there’s four of us working on this thing. But that’s ok, because we got this under control! So far there’s David and me on writing and, Jacob and Andrea are on art. Obviously David, Jacob, and Andrea are my friends. I’m not gonna say much about it other than it’s an Alternate Universe [AU] where people fight with nanite technology and doing badass shit. So far, me and David are working on the general gist of it, and it’s kinda hard working on a plotline with characters I didn’t create, but David has my back. Where I fail in working non-original characters [and no, fanfics don’t count ’cause I know a lot bout them already] David is a genius, and where he has his shortcomings, I can support him pretty well.

So you’re probably asking yourself “Ok, your making a comic; so what?” Let’s get this clear, this is not a typical American comic. It’s a manga! So it’s going to be read in the typical right-left direction, in Japanese style, with Japanese story techniques. It ain’t no slice of pie man! On a lighter note, I have already a few pages written!

Now for a random pic to make your day: Doesn’t it make your day? The pic is from the manga Black Butler, AKA Kuroshitsuji. Highly recommended.

Black Butler Demotivational Poster

Hehe, we all know what he's REALLY talking about!


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