A Crazed Otaku: The Short Bio

I Am Otaku. To anybody who doesn’t know anything about Japanese culture, an otaku is the Japanese equivalent of a geek/nerd/fanatic. It’s a person who loves anime [Japanese cartoons], manga [Japanese comics] and the culture in general. You don’t have to be Japanese, or even Asian in general, to be an otaku; you just have to appreciate the culture. Basically, I’m a crazed otaku, and not just any type of crazed fangirling otaku. I’m a yaoi/shonen-ai crazed otaku. Oh yeah I’m a freakin’ fujoshi! And it get’s better, I have a friend is a fucking fudanshi! A FUDANSHI PEOPLE! I KNOW A FUCKING FANBOY! KYEAHHH~! That always put a smile on my face. If you’re confused by all this there’s a link right here that’ll explain what I’m talking about. Go ahead, click it; but I will warn you, this may offend people, so if you’re offended by homosexuality in any shape or form, don’t look. Trust me, you won’t like what you find. But enough about that.

Other than being an otaku, I’m a sophomore at high school in Chicago, I’m pretty smart, last time I checked I could read approx. 300 words per minute, my fluency was above state level, and my life is pretty boring. I want to become a biochemical engineer, architect, psychologist, and/or novelist. I’m Honduran and proud; I have one pet pit-bull/Labrador/German Shepard mix dog named Sheba [she’s pretty hyperactive] and one pet rat named Mell [though I’m getting 3 hamsters soon].

I’m pansexual and proud, I’ll be going to England next year in the summer, and I’m making a manga. I’m in the G.S.A., Student Council, Japanese, and Anime Club in my school [in that order]. That’s as much as I’m gonna say now, but who knows, I could edit all this one day.

I have decided to give you all a picture to at least make this little bio less text heavy looking:

Do you like it? I do. I love Alfred [that’s America’s human name]. If y’all be curios about the show, here’s the link. It get’s glitchy around episode 16, so here’s another link starting at episode 1, but it has a lot of pop ups so be warned. It’s a pretty good show, especially if you like history, comedy, and think stereotypes are funny. Anyways, I created this blog out of insomniac-driven insanity [see my first post for an explanation], so it’ll be a bit weird at first. Mind you, I like to rant, so beware of my sharp tongue. Like I told a friend of mine; my sarcasm knows no boundaries. ^_^ I’m not just an otaku, I’m also a writer. Of course my otakuness can heavily inspire  my writing, but I would like to say it’s pretty unique in a way. My style is a blend of the otakuness of Japan, the Westernized style that’s the norm here, and the romantic quality that’s the Hispanic literature. It’s an odd mixture, but it works pretty well for me. It’s a surprising mix and I don’t see it very often. Sure I see works that blend traditional Japanese style and otaku styles with that of Western, but so far mines the only [that I know off] that also involves Hispanic styles. Eh, I’m sure there’s more out there, I just need to look harder.


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