Making A Manga: It’s Gonna Be Awesome!

So, I know I really need to stop procrastinating and start posting those two “note-worthy” events in my life and that one review for Hetalia, but I really wanted to get this post out there just cause it’s also a note worthy event in itself:

I’m making a manga.

Hell yeah people, I’m going to make a manga with a bunch of my high school buds. Currently, there’s four of us working on this thing. But that’s ok, because we got this under control! So far there’s David and me on writing and, Jacob and Andrea are on art. Obviously David, Jacob, and Andrea are my friends. I’m not gonna say much about it other than it’s an Alternate Universe [AU] where people fight with nanite technology and doing badass shit. So far, me and David are working on the general gist of it, and it’s kinda hard working on a plotline with characters I didn’t create, but David has my back. Where I fail in working non-original characters [and no, fanfics don’t count ’cause I know a lot bout them already] David is a genius, and where he has his shortcomings, I can support him pretty well.

So you’re probably asking yourself “Ok, your making a comic; so what?” Let’s get this clear, this is not a typical American comic. It’s a manga! So it’s going to be read in the typical right-left direction, in Japanese style, with Japanese story techniques. It ain’t no slice of pie man! On a lighter note, I have already a few pages written!

Now for a random pic to make your day: Doesn’t it make your day? The pic is from the manga Black Butler, AKA Kuroshitsuji. Highly recommended.

Black Butler Demotivational Poster

Hehe, we all know what he's REALLY talking about!


The Craziness of Life and Insomnia

There’s a certain craziness to life and insomnia. Especially insomnia. It’s almost 12:30 am here in Chicago, and I have done something that my cousin would call “another pendejada” [another mistake]. I have created this blog. I still have no idea what possessed me to create this thing in the first place. It’s not the same as making an anonymous account on fanfiction [a website where people write fanfics; pretty obvious, no?] where no one truly knows you except for a vague screen name and some photo you jacked of the internet; no, this, this involves talking about oneself [something I’m not good at except within a close group of people, and even then I withhold somethings], it involves detailed planning [something that can either get along with or grate on my perfectionism], and worst of all, it involves socializing.

Many of you who are still reading this are probably wondering, “Well, what’s so wrong with socializing? It’s not that hard!” Well it is for me. You try living your life generally ignored by most people your age [including my younger sister], only to suddenly be thrust upon something that involves a social savvy person’s expertise. This can only be brought on by momentary insanity; which brings me to my original point: people go crazy when they don’t sleep. I’m usually used to getting only a minimum of 4-6 hours of sleep-on school days- so my body’s used to it. But when, for once without the aid of sleep med, your body is tired and it’s 11:54 pm and for the love of God and all things holy a person might actually get a freakin’ decent night’s sleep, Murphy’s fucking Law had to come in in the form of a younger sibling! GAH! Just thinking about the possibility of sleep makes my eyes hurt and want to bang my head on the table [except I’m on the couch, not the table].

Ok, so here’s basically what happened. I was surfing the web, reading on the internet, maybe working on my novel every once in a while when suddenly I feel tired. I look at my phone to see what time it is and I see it’s 11:50 pm, and I’m like “Woah! I’m tired already? My God, this must be a gift from heaven!” So my eyes are basically bleeding from lack of sleep [I only got five hours the previous night and it’s been a stressful day for me] and I’m putting my laptop in sleep mode [I rarely ever shut it off] and I’m off to bed when my sister, who’s on the couch [I was at the recliner back then; now it’s reversed] starts laughing loudly. Our mom, also a major insomniac since like forever, shushes her and goes back to her farmville [she’s addicted]. So I turn to Michi [pronounced me-CHEE] , my sister and tell her shut up, that they’re people trying to sleep and to not laugh so loudly. She just makes a noncommittal hum that shows me she’s not even paying attention, so I ignore her and go off into my room. For about 10 minutes, I’m actually falling asleep when the laughter starts. It’s not loud enough to wake our dad [who’s NOT an insomniac, but has very little time to sleep because he goes to work early and comes home pretty late], so my mom doesn’t shush her, but it’s loud enough to wake me up. I swear to God my left eye twitched and I felt my finger aching to momentarily throttle her neck. But I ignore it, and tried to go back to sleep.

At approximately 12 in the morn, just 30 minutes prior to when I originally started this post, my sister barges into my room, half whispering-half shouting “Mabel! Mabel! Ya gotta see this hilarious video!” She goes explaining that the video are the reactions of people to some stupid video or some other shit. About 5 second into the video, I see that it’s a waste of time [not even fucking worth it man!] and that my little sis has no idea what constitutes as a “hilarious video”. I tell her so, screaming a bit on how I just want to FUCKING GO TO BED AND SLEEP FOR ONCE W/OUT WAKING UP! Of course my mother had to decide to finally come in and told me to shut up, that my dad was sleeping. Of course Michi only got a slight reprimand and a gentle reminder to be more quiet; of course. So there I am, in my small room with only a square foot of the floor showing, alone, in the dark, no longer able to sleep. That’s one of the most sadistic things my sister has ever done to me. And the child has a fucking biting fetish. A BITING FETISH! So because I got a maximum of ten minutes of light dozing, my body was tricked into thinking that it’s recharged, thus my inability to sleep. Unable to express my rage in any other form, somehow my insomnia induced temporary insanity tricked me into believing having a blog would be a good thing. Thus here I am, at 1:09 am, approx. 40 minutes after the initial start of this damn thing, unable to find a way to get out of this one since I already made the damn account, so I might as well use the fucking thing. *Sigh* Maybe it won’t be that bad in the future. Maybe.

Signing off this is Mabel E. AKA Lady-Chan

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