Wild and Strawberry [Oneshot] Manga Review

Both Yuusuke (black haired) and Minoru (blondie) hugging in the title page

Wild an Strawberry is a oneshot yaoi manga written and drawn by Suzuki, Tsuta (possibly my fave yaoi mangaka ever!) that’s pretty much about a guy confessing to his crush, with surprising consequences. On manga.animea.net, their summary says the following: It takes all of Yuusuke’s courage to approach super cool and brash classmate Mukogawa. But with a casual, “Ok.”, Mukogawa agrees, and suddenly Yuusuke is being pulled along at Mukogawa’s pace. Scanned by “Dangerous Pleasures Scanlation” group, the art and story was what I just expected from Suzuki-Sensei: awesome!

Here’s the rundown on the summary:

Yuusuke has been in love with a classmate from the next class over, and one day he decides to finally confess. Minoru replies with a nonchalant “Sure” and Yuusuke is so confused that he accepted, that he has a “WTF? For real’s?” blushy face on him.

Yuusuke's "WTF, for real's?" face after Minoru agrees to go out with him.

But that’s because he’s Uke. After they introduce each other properly, Minoru asks the biggest question of them all; “How do two guys have sex with each other?” Yuusuke’s reaction? a “Huh, say wha~?” face with a big question mark right next to it.

Yuusuke's face after Minoru asks him how two guys do it.

That sure as hell made my day. Afterwards, Minoru was able to persuade a teacher to give him the key to the computer room where he was going to “wiki something.” Of course, we all know what he’s really researching. Afterwards, we all know what happens; they had sex. It is yaoi after all. But surprisingly, it wasn’t as explicit as her other works. There was no genitalia showing, and the scene was only a few pages with more talk then action. Afterwards, they eat lunch together in Minoru’s class, where he reveals to everyone that he and Yuusuke are dating. Their initial reaction was another “WTF!?” face with Yuusuke going all blushy Uke mode on us. This made me laugh; for some reason Suzuki-Sensei really like drawing “WTF?!”, confused, and “say wha~?” faces in this oneshot, but it sure as hell made it funny.

As a whole, I give this manga a 4.5 outta 5 stars. For being a oneshot when it easily could’ve been expanded into a series, but that’s ok, seeing as most of Suzuki-Sensei’s work are oneshots.

Art I give it a 5 outta 5. Her artwork has always being crisp and clean, with a non-stereotypical looking characters.

The plot/storyline is a 4.5 outta 5 because I felt that, even though the ending was funny/cute, it was a bit weak.

A must-read if you’re wanting to get into the yaoi/shonen-ai genre without reading something too explicit.

All pictures courtesy of manga.animea.net (c)

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